December 19, 2008

In The News: The City of Brotherly Love Gets Tough

Add another city to the "calories on menu boards" list!

On Thursday afternoon, Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter "signed a bill that orders chain restaurants [— including coffee shops, ice cream parlors and convenience stores — with a total of 15 or more stores, whether in the city or elsewhere,] to display calorie, saturated fat, trans fat, carbohydrate, and sodium information [for all menu items by January 1, 2010.]

The cherry on top? "Nutter signed the bill at the Center for Obesity Research Education at Temple University," the Associated Press reports.

I am personally looking forward to the day trans fat labeling becomes irrelevant following a national ban on restaurants' use of partially hydrogenated oils (that is no starry-eyed dream -- Denmark paved the way in 2003, and Switzerland followed suit in April of this year.)

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Corey said...

I just want restaurants to have to provide calorie information on their menus nationwide. Its so annoying to have to get on a restaurants website to print out a nutritional pamphlet every time I go out to eat.