December 7, 2008

Looking To Have Your Intelligence Insulted?

Then please check out Burger King's latest shameful advertising attempt -- The Whopper Virgins.

Here is one of the television ads, too.

In an effort to find out whether the Whopper is superior to the Big Mac (does anyone seriously care?), the folks at Burger King have taken to remote villages in third world countries and videotaped people's first bites into 100% American fast food.

You know, because the "poor indigenous" people living in "those weird countries over there" don't know what they're missing!

I mean, come on, who wouldn't go nuts for a Whopper, right?

Okay, back to reality: this is one of the most pathetic food-related advertising campaigns I have seen in a VERY long time.

Burger King is actually proud of the fact that they are bringing Whoppers to parts of the world that don't have a word for "burger."

Hmmm... do they have a word for "trans fat"? I hope so, because the Whopper contains 1.5 grams (along with half of the daily maximum recommendations for sodium and saturated fat.)

I truly don't know what's worse -- the cultural arrogance, the complete disregard for local culture, or the idea that third world villagers are the equivalent of lab rats.

Besides, why not target their main demographic by simply asking random adolescent and twenty-something men in the United States to participate in a blind tasting?

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Anonymous said...

I'm seriously offended by this newest campaign... I'm from one of those "third world countries" (and it isn't in the least 'third world', plus we've got plenty of shopping malls and Burger Kings). Oh, and we have a word for "burger," too. Like the rest of the globe, it's called a "hamburger" here, too. I'm usually not so bothered by things, but this really is absolutely shameless.