July 20, 2008

In The News: A Different Kind of Beer Buzz

Forget Redbull and Monster energy drinks. Mixing Red Bull and vodka at the club? Soooo 5 years ago.

The latest fad consists of canned alcoholic energy drinks. In the past year alone, one such drink -- Miller's Sparks -- "delivered strong full-year double-digit growth."

This is particularly puzzling to me since one sip of the cloyingly sweet and artificial fizzy concoction was enough to make me grimace and shudder.

In their latest issue, Time Magazine profiles a newcomer to the scene: Joose -- a malted energy drink that packs as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and almost twice the alcohol content of a can of Budweiser.

Artificial repulsiveness aside, one problem with these hybrid caffeine and alcohol beverages is that they "trick [the] brain into believing you're not as drunk as you are."

By the way, one 16-ounce can of Sparks adds up to 350 calories.

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