September 10, 2008

In The News: Downsized Economy No Problem for Supersize Master

This article from states that "reported August sales [for McDonald's] rose more than some analysts estimated as consumers battered by higher gasoline and grocery bills bought $1 sodas in the U.S. and snack-sized chicken wraps in France."

The issue isn't so much that people are buying $1 sodas, but that it is the large sizes that are selling for the reduced cost of a single dollar.

A large Mickey D's cup offers 2 pints of soda, 21.5 teaspoons of sugar, and 310 calories (along with zero nutrition).

It's rather ironic that one of the main menu items driving up sales at McDonald's during an economic recession is one that offers no sustenance.

It's also very telling that the United States consumers opt for large sodas while French customers spend their money on snack-sized items.

Had McDonald's execs in the United States consulted me about menu changes during touch economic times, I would have suggested expanding the "dollar menu" by introducing smaller portions of more menu items.

Does advocating for smaller portions make me anti-American?


Mandy said...


Love that last line.

magpie said...

I would say it makes you smart! Americans need to learn portion control (myself included... though my huge portions are usually of fruits and veggies, so it's slightly more permissible).

Afura said...

Anti-American...or more French? *dum dum dummm*
I (kind of) appreciate the efforts McD's has gone to calm the rage of people vs fast food fatty food, but it was just an appeasement, and barely that.
If they would start offering more grilled items, low-cal, smaller portions, I'd eat there. Alas, I can get better salads somewhere else for the same price.
I can understand it though, dollar items hold more monetary appeal to average American consumers, despite both the lack of overall value (get a 2-liter of soda for almost the same price), and nutritional value as well. Last time I went to McDonalds, I got an unsweet ice tea. Ironically, a large one.