September 17, 2008

Say What?: Hospital Food SOS

Some hospital food service decisions leave me absolutely perplexed.

Allow me to explain.

I side with the belief that with some cancer patients -- who can have a tremendously difficult time working up an appetite -- it is a good idea to liberalize their diet in order to include foods they love and, therefore, will WANT to eat.

One of the many goals is getting them off tube feedings and increase their caloric intake through solid food or beverages.

But I was rather horrified to see thick pre-packaged slices of Sara Lee pound cake on some patients' trays at one New York City hospital.

What on EARTH is a medical establishment doing serving up a product with trans fats to patients whose health has already taken a turn for the worse?

I would like to think that, of all places, a hospital would specifically seek out baked goods and treats free of partially hydrogenated oils.

I am not asking for cancer patients to be denied a treat. Far from it!

If a brownie offers as much as a single minute of pleasure in what is otherwise an unpleasant stay, they should certainly be provided with one.

But the notion of feeding sick patients foods with trans fats in them leaves me very, very confused. And, frankly, very upset.


Tere said...

Hospital food is as bad a school cafeteria food. Salty broth, jello, canned fruit, and all the trans fat you can eat.

Mollie said...

There really should be some sort of volunteer effort organized to bring homemade deliciousness to these patients. Hm...