September 15, 2008

Top 50 Online Fitness and Nutrition Calculators. And You Say...?

Thank you to reader Kelly Sonora for sending along this link to what College Training Schools Online considers the 50 best online fitness and nutrition calculators.

I haven't used too many of them, so I don't have much in terms of commentary.

Well, I do have one question. Why is Kentucky Fried Chicken's nutrition calculator singled out?

Most fast food chains offer nutrition information on their respective websites, and I don't see what makes KFC's particularly different.

Readers, I am interested in hearing your opinions.

Have any of these 50 worked for you?

Are there any you don't recommend?

Is your favorite not mentioned?

Speak out!


Kristin said...

I use It's not on the list...

xenobia said...

I can't live without and - everything you need right there.

Anonymous said...

I use Fitday, too! I was surprised to see it wasn't on the list.

determinedtobefit said...

I love SparkPeople (#29). I've been an active member of that site for more than a year now and lost 20 pounds using the resources I found there. Plus, its free!

I like The Daily Plate (#28) for finding nutritional info for odd store brand products. I track my food and sometimes I don't have the labels handy. Nice to be able to look up the info on Trader Joe's low-sodium salsa.

The Free Dieting site (#25) has some good calculators as well. I like that their BMR calculator takes body fat and several levels of activity into account. They can also provide a sample calorie zig-zag based on your daily needs which is neat if you are interested in this technique.