September 9, 2008

Say What?/Celebrity Diet Secrets: Teri Hatcher

One of the country's most famous desperate housewives recently shared some of the images and phrases on her "goal board" (described by Ms. Hatcher as "a collage of images of things you want to achieve in your life... all written, glued or drawn onto a big piece of paper.")

Among that inspirational collage? "Don't eat after 7 PM."

Uh oh, looks like the "calorie clock" myth is back!

Truth is, calories couldn't care less what time they are consumed.

A 600 calorie ice cream sundae will provide 600 calories whether it's gobbled down for breakfast or at 10 PM.

Let me just say that not eating after 7 PM will very likely result in some weight loss.

However, this is very simply due to a reduction in total daily caloric intake (rather than avoiding food after an arbitrary bewitching hour where calories are multiplied by twenty!)

I'm more disturbed by the notion that refusing food after 7 PM is someone's life goal.

I would have gone with "develop a healthy attitude towards food."

Represented by an illustration of someone happily savoring one (there's the key!) decadent dark chocolate truffle.

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