August 28, 2007

In The News: Obesity: 1 Health & Nutrition: 0

The new weight statistics are out, and the results aren't too promising.

Obesity rates have increased in 31 states over the past 12 months, and not a single state's obesity numbers have declined since last year.

Mississippi now "boasts" 30% of its adult population as obese (note: this is not the same as overweight; obese indicates a much higher body mass index).

What really surprised me was that Colorado, the state with the lowest percentage of obese adults, clocks in at 17.6%!

Consider that figure in the global context:

Percentage of Obese Adults Per Country

Japan: 2.9%
Korea: 3.2%
Switzerland: 7.7%
Italy: 8.6%
Denmark: 9.5%

Ironically enough, the United States is also the country with the world's largest diet industry. Hmmmm....

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