August 14, 2007

The Mighty (Fish) Egg

It's easy to cast caviar (fish eggs) aside as little black pellets for the elite, but a tablespoon of this delicacy is no nutritional joke.

Just one tablespoon of caviar provides:

40 calories
4 grams protein

53% Vitamin B12 requirements
11% daily recommendation of iron

9% Vitamin D requirements

And, if that wasn't enough -- a whole gram of Omega-3 fatty acids (50% of the daily recommended amount)!

The only downside comes for sodium-sensitive folks, as one mere tablespoon contains 240 milligrams of sodium (approximately 20% of the maximum sodium limit for people on low-sodium diets).

Next time you're feeling fancy (or see these aquatic eggs on top of a sushi roll), gobble up some caviar. It does a body good.

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