August 6, 2007

You Ask, I Answer: Calorie-Free Dips

What's your opinion on the Walden Farms calorie-free dips like the chocolate one?

-- Anonymous

I don't particularly have an opinion either way.

While they are calorie-free (since they are sweetened with Splenda), they are also nutrient-free.

That being said, if a small amount of Walden Farms calorie dip is what it takes for a "fruit-hater" to eat two apples a day, I don't really see the harm (although I would hope they would eventually wean themselves off the dip and learn to appreciate the naturally sweet taste of fruit).

It goes back to what Marion Nestle recently said in her interview with this blog: "
I like to ask: why do all foods have to be sweet? Foods have so many marvelous flavors and textures. It’s a shame that the only thing food marketers can get anyone to buy is cloyingly sweet (or salty)."

As an occasional snack, while I myself wouldn't have it (I find the flavor too artificial), there are worse things you could choose.

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