October 14, 2008

Man, Oh Man...

Have you heard of Taco Bell's Big Bell Box value meal?

According to the nationwide chain, it's "the meal that's made for men"!

Gender roles defined by fast food companies. How... evolved.

Anyhow, for as little as $4.99 (or as much as $5.99, depending where you live), hungry men all over the United States can feast on a volcano taco, a burrito supreme, a crunch wrap supreme, a side order of cinnamon twists, and a large drink.

Or, if you want to talk numbers:

1,670 calories
19 grams of saturated fat (suggested daily maximum*: 20 grams)
2.5 grams of trans fat (no suggested daily maximum, guidelines call for 0 grams)
3,470 milligrams of sodium (suggested daily maximum: 2,400 milligrams)

* = for a 2,000 calorie diet

Calorically speaking, this is equal to THREE Big Macs!

You know, this could very well be the nutrition version of Pandora's box...


Greg said...

Wow! That's a BIG lunch or dinner. I woud love a teensy bite of all of it, but it is just too much. Can I suggest that you post the numbers alongside the daily recommended numbers for context? I know what the calories mean, but without searching your back posts, I might not get the significance of the BIG serving for the others.

Andy Bellatti said...

Certainly, Greg. I have edited the post with the numbers you're seeking.

Mandy said...

Yes when I saw that on a commercial, I *gasped* in horror not even knowing the actual calorie/fat/sodium count! How horrific!

Pam said...

Are you sure that's not supposed to feed a family of 4? Yikes!