October 10, 2008

Survey Results: Seasons of Change

The latest Small Bites survey asked visitors if they tend to put on weight in the winter (or during colder months.)

60% of respondents clicked "yes," while the remaining 40% answered "no."

If you find that weight management is more challenging in the winter months, you are not imagining things!

Many people who do not enjoy the gym environment take advantage of the outdoors for physical activity in the Summer months, whether it be jogging, swimming, walking, or rollerblading.

Once winter comes along, though, these activities are often completely stopped.

Meanwhile, caloric intake remains steady. The end result? Not surprisingly, a few extra pounds.

One of the best strategies (other than moving down to Venezuela during cold months) is to attempt to develop long-term habits, rather than short-term solutions.

Strictly cutting calories and denying yourself your favorite junky foods for two months in order to look good in a swimsuit may be effective, but once beach season is over, you're back to old habits -- and your old figure.

Rather than compartmentalizing your eating plan by season, make it a point to keep similar eating habits throughout the year.

After all, going through overly regimented dietary patterns makes it that much more likely that you will eventually "give in" and binge.

If "weather appropriate" substitutions must take place, always keep your goals in mind.

For example, starting off dinner with a cool and crisp side salad may work in the sweltering August heat, but not when it's 25 degrees out.

Soup can be an excellent replacement, as long as you choose wisely.

Avoid cream-based concoctions -- as well as watery ones!

While a cream-centered soup can pack a significant amount of calories, I find watery broths to be useless, as they are are rarely filling and do not offer much nutrition.

Instead, opt for bean soups. Half a cup of black bean or lentil soup is low in calories and high in fiber, helping you feel fuller faster.

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Slowfit said...

Good call on the lentil soups, I will definitely be having legumes more often this winter. Thanks for keeping such a great and informative blog, certainly one of the best nutrition blogs on the Internet. In some future post, can you let us know what books you like in the nutrition arena? I'm guessing Walter Willett and Marion Nestle will make the list