October 22, 2008

Numbers Game: Answer

Cosi patrons, take note.

Opting to have your salad of choice dressed with the house vinaigrette tacks on 357 calories.

This partially explains why people sometimes express confusion when, despite substituting many of their regular foods with salad, weight loss does not occur.

It is even more difficult to gauge how many calories you get from salad dressing at salad bars, where you use enormous ladles to dress your individual concoction (one full ladle can contain up to 600 calories of some dressings!)

If you opt to have full-fat dressings, ask for them on the side, and aim to use no more than half of the amount you are provided.

This is not to say that fat-free dressings can be poured liberally.

Most dressings lacking fat provide flavor by throwing in higher amounts of sugar, thereby still containing a good number of calories.

I suggest using a small amount of full-fat dressing and mixing it with other low-calorie ingredients (think balsamic vinegar or fresh squeezed lemon juice.)

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