August 4, 2008

(Don't) Get In The (P')Zone

Yesterday night I saw a television ad for Pizza Hut's P'zone (a pizza-calzone hybrid).

Never heard of it? The national chain provides the following description: "over a pound of toppings and cheese baked in a folded pizza crust and served with marinara sauce."

It sounds more exciting -- but equally disgusting -- when announced by an enthusiastic male voice.

Interestingly enough -- and quite on purpose, in my opinion -- Pizza Hut lists nutrition information for HALF a P'zone.

Ha! Do they truly believe someone will order an entire P'Zone and save half for the next day?

The end result is rather gruesome.

A cheese ("classic") P'Zone clocks in at 1,220 calories, 22 grams of saturated fat (over a day's worth) and 2,750 milligrams of sodium (also a day's worth!)

A meat P'Zone, meanwhile, adds 1,380 calories, 26 grams of satured fat, and 3,460 milligrams of sodium to your day.

Here's a radical idea. How about making half a P'Zone the standard size? Or would that be too emasculating to the "I just ate A POUND of cheese and toppings, man!" crowd?


Flug Dubai said...

Hehe, isn´t it a little needless to count every single calorie of a p´zone extra big fat super cheese pizza??!? That´s luxurary food and not an everyday meal, that should be clear to every normal human being. And when you eat it than it as much as it tastes.

Andy Bellatti said...

What makes you think this is a "luxury" food? Many people in the US eat at fast food restaurants 3 or 4 times a week!

Besides, luxury foods are usually quite expensive -- something the P'Zone is NOT.

Besides, even if it were a luxury food, that doesn't make it "more reasonable" to offer over 1,000 calories and more than a day's worth of saturated fat and sodium.