August 30, 2008

Health Store Hazards

In some situations, supplements can be helpful (i.e.: DPA and EHA Omega-3 fatty acids for pregnant women who do not eat fish; vitamin D supplements for most people in Northern climates).

However, the supplement market mostly preys on consumer fear ("There aren't enough nutrients in the food I'm eating") and ignorance ("I won't gain muscle unless I down 300 grams of protein a day.")

You certainly can't rely on "health stores" for advice!

Watch the latest video on the YouTube Small Bites channel for more information.

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Alexander M Zoltai said...

First visit here and I'm sure I'll be back!

I've been doing some personal research recently on supplements and discovered that the synthetic ones and actually increase health risks.

I very must like the video approach to getting the information out!!

~ Alex from Our Evolution