August 25, 2008

Panko Crumbs Power Up

Next time you're looking to make a breaded dish (i.e.: tofu, salmon, flounder, chicken, etc.) forget standard breadcrumb products loaded with sodium and void of whole grains

Instead, reach for Ian's whole wheat panko crumbs.

FYI -- the link I just provided lets you see what retailers in your state offer Ian's products.

Panko (Japanese for "bread crumbs") provides a crisper, coarser crunch and texture than regular bread crumbs.

And, the fact that this particular variety is 100% whole wheat is a big plus.

Consider this. A quarter cup of Progresso bread crumbs contain 220 milligrams of sodium. Ian's whole wheat panko? A mere 25.

Remember that you can enjoy delicious, crunchy breaded products without deep frying.

Let's assume it's flounder night at your home.

Once every piece of fish is appropriately covered in crumbs, place them all on a cookie sheet and lightly spray each one with Pam (or brush with a teaspoon of olive oil).

Then, simply place the cookie sheet in the oven (heated at 425 degrees) for approximately 20 minutes.

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