August 7, 2008

Say What?: All That For A T-Shirt??

Eating contests have always fascinated me, especially the over-the-top portion sizes and nutrition figures that accompany some of these foods.

Over at Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Huttington, West Virginia, two challenges await adventurous eaters.

First, the 3.5 pound Homewrecker (pictured at right):

"The biggest, baddest of all the weenies! One full pounder of beef weenie, deep fried in pure canola oil, piled high with sauteed peppers and onions. Then covered with nacho cheese, our homemade sopicy chili sauce, jalapeƱos, mustard, ketchup, slaw, 'maters, lettuce, and shredded cheese. All of it, slammin' on a grilled bun."

Nutrition numbers, you ask?

My calculations total 3,100 calories, 65 grams of saturated fat (3 days' worth) and 6,380 milligrams of sodium (also 3 days' worth!)

The thing is 15 inches long and can be yours for just $14.99.

Oh, chow it down in 12 minutes or less and win... a T-shirt.

If that's too amateurish, why not attempt to scarf down a Hillbilly 5 pound burger?

We're talking about a "five pound patty topped with 12 slices of cheese, 12 slices of tomatoes, a head of lettuce, one whole onion, and a pound of pickles".

In this case, per my calculations, you're looking at 8,601 calories, 245 grams of saturated fat (TEN days' worth!), and 5,295 milligrams of sodium.

I spoke with the manager of the establishment a few minutes ago, who told me that one customer has eaten the single wide 5 pound burger in SIXTEEN MINUTES and the Homewrecker in just four!

In fact, to get a T-shirt AND their money refunded, Homewrecker contenders have to beat his 4 minute record.

Although "a lot of people" have finished the humongous hot dog in under 12 minutes, I was told "only two or three" other people have downed the single wide burger in one sitting (unlike the 16-minute maniac, they took "several hours.")

By the way, there IS a 10 pound hillbilly burger (with double the nutrition figures of the 5-pounder), but no one has ever tried to eat that in one sitting.

I wonder if you can get the Homewrecker with the chili sauce on the side?

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