February 12, 2009

Numbers Game: Answer

The world renowned Framingham study concluded that a 2 point decrease in BMI reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis (a loss of cartilage) in the knee by approximately 50 percent.

(NOTE: Using a 5 foot, 10 inch tall man weighing 190 pounds as an example, a 2 point decrease in BMI is achieved by losing 10 pounds.)

According to World Health Organization statistics, osteoarthritis is the fourth leading cause of disability in the world.

The research literature clearly identifies obesity as the most influential factor in the development -- and subsequent progression -- of this condition.

One of the more problematic aspects of osteoarthritis is that it makes implementation of most sorts of physical activity and movement significantly challenging, thereby adding more difficulty to weight loss efforts.

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Danielle said...

Very interesting, thanks so much for this article and everything you post! :)