February 12, 2009

You Ask, I Answer: White Whole Wheat Flour

I just bought some white whole wheat flour.

I was puzzled! Will this provide me the same nutritional benefits as whole wheat flour?

I read that white whole wheat flour was made from albino wheat, so it requires less bleaching than red wheat flours.

Nonetheless, is it still bleached?

-- Christine
(last name unknown)
Via the blog

White whole wheat flour offers the same nutritional benefits as whole wheat flour.

However, many bakers prefer this albino strand of wheat since it boosts fiber and phytonutrient levels while providing a milder flavor and texture (not to mention a lighter color!) than standard whole wheat flour.

White whole wheat flour does not undergo bleaching.

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Danielle said...

I've literally ALWAYS wondered this, great answer to a great question. Thanks :)