February 9, 2009

Numbers Game: A Load Off Your Knees

The world renowned Framingham study concluded that a 2 point decrease in BMI reduced the risk of developing osteoarthritis (a loss of cartilage) in the knee by approximately ______ percent.

(NOTE: Using a 5 foot, 10 inch tall man weighing 190 pounds as an example, a 2 point decrease in BMI is achieved by losing 10 pounds.)

a) 27
b) 50
c) 16
d) 38

Leave your guess in the "comments" section and come back on Thursday for the answer.


Roberto said...

I think that could be option d

Roberto - Argentina

christine said...

I just bought some white whole wheat flour. I was puzzled! Will this provide me the same nutritional benefits as whole wheat flour? I read that white whole wheat flour was made from albino wheat, so it requires less bleaching than red wheat flours- nonetheless, is it still bleached?