April 22, 2009

Administrative Announcement: Taking Your Questions!

This Friday, Mindless Eating author (and professor of consumer nehavior at Cornell University) Brian Wansink will be visiting New York University -- and I have the opportunity to sit down with him, one-on-one, for thirty minutes!

This time around, I want to give you the chance to submit your questions for this upcoming "Speaking With..." segment.

Leave your questions for Brian in the "comments" section and come back next week to read a transcript of our interview!

As a reminder, "Wansink's award-winning academic research on food psychology and behavior change has been published in the world's top marketing, medical, and nutrition journals. It contributed to the introduction of smaller "100 calorie" packages (to prevent overeating), the use of taller glasses in some bars (to prevent the overpouring of alcohol), and the use of elaborate names and mouth-watering descriptions on some chain restaurant menus (to improve enjoyment of the food). "


Kevin Mickle said...

I just finished reading Mindless Eating and I must say that it was one of the most informative, and entertaining diet books I've ever read. It really makes you think about why you eat what you eat. No questions from me, only praise.


Anonymous said...

I may be too late, but I have 2 questions -

1. What is the most interesting and/or counter-intuitive result he's gotten from his research?

2. What is the most useful tip for controlling portion size / calories he has?

Thanks for offering this opportunity to your readers.

Rachelle said...

I have no questions -- I trust Andy to come up with some great ones, though, and I'm really looking forward to reading the interview!