April 24, 2009

Say What?: Pasta... in a Bread Bowl?

Behold the latest creation from Domino's Pizza -- penne pasta entrees... served in a bread bowl!

As a matter of fact, the chain claims their "pasta is so good, you'll devour the bowl."

Not too surprisingly, calorie information is yet to be posted, and the four calls I made to their corporate headquarters proved unsuccessful.

It doesn't take many brain cells, though, to figure out that items like chicken carbonara, Italian sausage marinara, chicken alfredo, pasta primavera, and three cheese mac-n-cheese nestled inside a thick round piece of bread is far from a "light" option.

I'm willing to bet we are dealing with 4-figure calorie values. As soon as the reveal occurs, I will post it on Small Bites.

In the meantime, I'll meditate and see if I can come up with the answer to: "What higher-up at Domino's passionately believes Americans are clamoring for pasta in a bread bowl?"


Anonymous said...

That doesn't even sound good... like a carb overload. But wow... 4-figure calories? If that's true, amazing.

Anthony said...

Taken off of yumyucky.com:

* Pasta Primavera - 670 calories per serving (1,340 for entire meal)

* Chicken Alfredo - 700 calories per serving (1,400 for entire meal)

* Three Cheese Mac-N-Cheese - 730 calories per serving (1,460 for entire meal)

* Italian Sausage Marinara - 730 calories per serving (1,460 for entire meal)

* Chicken Carbonara - 740 calories per serving (1,480 for entire meal)

Dazy said...

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