April 3, 2009

So Much for Moderation

I don't know what the weather is like in your corner of the world right now, but New York City's is currently grey and rainy.

Alas, here is a perfect website for such a day -- This Is Why You're Fat.

Crass name aside, it's a grotesquely fascinating photo gallery of real, gasp-worthy, "you've GOT to be kidding me!" dishes (many of them served at restaurants).

Take, for instance, "the Thunderdome's three stacks of bacon, sausage, elk meat, onions and cheese between tortillas all topped with sour cream, two fried eggs and scallions."

Then there's the blasphemous "Snack Pizza Bomb: pizza topped with french fries, sliced corn dogs, popcorn chicken and Doritos" pictured alongside this post.

Anyone up for figuring out calorie totals?


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Thank you, as usual, for your fantastic information and advice. Your posts are always so informative and interesting. I have a question, however, regarding your opinion on soy. As a vegetarian, I find myself consuming numerous servings of veggie burgers, soy milk, and other refined soy products each week, sometimes two or three in a day. I've recently been experiencing symptoms of thyroid imbalance, and was curious if these might be connected to my soy intake. Are you aware of a possible connection, and what is your opinion of isoflavones and the thyroid?

Abigail (MA)

Gloria said...

Andy - Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and healthy dose of common sense. Yours is one of the few blogs I look forward to checking daily.

As a counterpoint to This is Why You're Fat, I'd like to recommend This is Why You're Thin, a blog dedicated to mostly whole, vegan foods and exercise. It was created by Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box and Schmooed Food fame.