April 28, 2009

"Shop The Perimeter of the Supermarket"? I Don't Think So!

Earlier today at my dentist's office, I flipped through a fitness and nutrition magazine and spotted the ever-prevalent food shopping tip -- "stick to the perimeter of the store; that's where the healthiest items are."

Alright, time out. I disagree.

While the perimeters of most supermarkets offer fresh and frozen produce as well as lean protein (ranging from chicken breasts to tofu to shrimp), there are plenty of healthy options waiting smack in the middle of all those aisles!

Branding aisle shelves as "evil" is overly simplistic -- and inaccurate. After all, that is where you would find these nutrition all-stars:

* Canned beans
* Lentils
* Nuts and seeds
* Nut and seed butters
* Olive oil
* Plain instant oatmeal
* Quinoa
* Brown rice
* Whole grain pastas
* Spices (a great way to reduce sodium in your cooking!)
* Canned tuna and canned salmon

So go ahead, check out what's on sale in aisle four. Just be sure to glance over the nutrition facts -- and take a peek at the ingredient list!


Skeletor's Mommy said...

I totally agree. And I also think that there are plenty of bad choices along the perimeter of the grocery store: donuts and cakes in the bakery, cheese stuffed sausages in the meat case, overly-mayonaised potato salad in the deli case, etc. I understand the sentiment, but it's way to simplistic.

invisiblepolaris said...

Yep, plenty of good choices indeed but also mixed in with lots of the bad ones. So whenever I visit these aisles, I always make it a point to head straight to the part where the healthy stuff are and do not waste time dilly-dallying lest I should get tempted!I think it also helps that you have your mind made up by bringing a list with you because spending too much time checking them out and exposing yourself to the unhealthy ones alongside them can be quite risky where your budget and health is concerned.

Nutrition Coach Faye Bristol said...

Oh my god, yes, great post and not forgetting brocolli at 15% protein. I know Vegan bodybuilders stacking muscle at 210lbs and more with no meat. This is the future.