April 19, 2009

Numbers Game: Answer

In the United States, a McDonald's Big Mac and order of large fries adds up to 1,040 calories. In the United Kingdom, those same two items add up to 950 calories.

You would think all McDonald's items would be standardized, no matter what corner of the world you were ordering them in.

Not so.

Why the caloric difference? Simple -- a container of large fries is slightly smaller, as are the beef patties.

Mind you, McDonald's USA only recently lowered the calories in their large fries from 550 to 500. Two years ago, this combo would have added up to 1,090 on this side of the Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

I rather thought so. It isn't only the size of the portions or the calories, even the prices are different here in Europe. I bet McDonald's in the US has bigger portions at cheaper prices which only addes to problems with overweight young people.

Doha Quinn said...

Let me know if you're interested in doing a country comparison. I'll run over to McD's this weekend and gather some data. I've got a good food scale at home I can weigh the bits on. Just tell me which menu items you would like to compare.