October 10, 2007

Bypass Queen

Dairy Queen is gleefully promoting its "Blizzard" (ice cream with candy mix-ins, which has put them on the ice cream map since 1985) treat of the month -- the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup flavor (pictured alongside this post).

Not surprisingly, you can get it in either a regular or large size.

The large size weighs slightly over a pound! Its nutrition label would read something like this:

Calories: 1,050
Total fat: 38g (58% of the daily value)
Saturated fat: 29g (145% of the daily value)
Sugars: 133g (11 tablespoons!)

What is truly disturbing is that this size is not advertised for sharing -- it's all about wolfing it down solo.

Is there really a need to sell a mammoth-sized portion of an item that, even in its regular size, is already quite an indulgence?

1 comment:

pinky said...

ah, my favorite dessert forever ruined. Thanks for the info (I think) :)