October 14, 2007

You Ask, I Answer: Veggie Chips/Terra Chips

[Crispy Delites] sound so good! I hope they eventually bring them up to Canada.

I did find it kind of unfair that you compared them to Funyuns though; I personally would've compared them to Terra Chips (although they don't have an onion flavour so I kind of see why).

The original flavoured ones are also just vegetables, oil and salt (and beet juice concentrate for colour). They are fried, however, so they still can't compare to Crispy Delites, but I just wanted to point out they're not the only real veggie chips out there!

-- Vincci (via the blog)

Vincci, you make a very good point. Like Crispy Delites, Terra Chips are also made exclusively from vegetables, and not a hodgepodge of sugar, stabilizers, flour, and buttermilk.

As you mention, though, Terra chips are fried, which increases their caloric and fat content.

Although they also offer three grams of fiber (and even a little less sodium than Crispy Delites), an ounce of Terra chips pack in 50 more calories and 6.5 more grams of fat.

The reason why I compared red onion Crispy Delites to Funyuns was to show that not all "onion chips" are equal. In fact, Funyuns are really just fried corn starch chips with some onion flavoring on them -- very different from the baked simplicity Crispy Delites offers.

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