October 1, 2007

This Week: Inside the American Dietetic Association's Annual Conference

Yesterday I was in Philadelphia for the American Dietetic Association's annual Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo.

Starting tonight -- and throughout this week -- I will let you know what new healthy products you can expect to see on your supermarket shelves soon (and how good they taste, since I sampled everything in the room) as well as what trends food companies are focusing on in order to get your dollars.

What I'm REALLY excited to show you, though, is some of the most desperate attempts some companies are making to market junk food as "health" food. I'm sure you will share in my complete and utter disbelief.

Those anecdotes -- with accompanying photographic evidence -- are coming very soon.

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Vincci said...

I know what you mean about the junk food! I'm a Dietitians of Canada student member and I get stuff sent to me by companies all the time. Today Frito-Lay sent me an ad for their new Flat Earth Veggie and Fruit Crisps. There are three different flavours, and they had the guts to send me the nutrition info! They are about 220 calories for a 50 g serving, but they come in 170 g bags! They also brag that they have "1/2 serving of real vegetables per 14 chips"! It's ridiculous! You can check it out at www.impossiblygood.ca