February 10, 2008

A Doctor's Delicious Orders

Dr. Andrew Weil is a renowned name in the field of nutrition who focuses on integrative nutrition (mainly the idea that food's healing properties are a more effective option than that of most over the counter medications) and its role in overall wellness.

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods browsing the food bar section and after picking out my usual (Clif Nectar chocolate walnut bars, Lara key lime pie bars, Pure chocolate brownie bars), I spotted a new product -- Nature Path's Dr. Weil's pure fruit and nut bars.

The banana manna flavor caught my eye. Three ingredients (organic dates, organic dried bananas, and organic almonds), 180 calories, four grams of fiber, sodium-free, no added sugars of any kind, six grams of heart-healthy fats, and ten percent of the daily potassium recommendation!

There are four other flavors, including pistachio-nut and chocolate-coconut.

By the way, chocolate-flavored fruit and nut bars are a great way to indulge a chocolate craving.

They contain pure cocoa, which is naturally sugar-free and provides an intense taste comparable to that of conventional dark chocolate.

I always make sure to have some in my office desk drawer and my backpack.


Anonymous said...

I thought you'd like to know (and perhaps alert your readers) that Amazon has a special on Dr. Weil's fruit and nut bars right now. A 16-bar case of Banana Manna *or* Pistachi-oh! (discount price of $25) purchased with Celestial Seasonings tea (10 packs of 10 teabags each) will allow you to get the tea for free. Banana Manna must be purchased with the Lemon Myrtle flavor of tea, and Pistachi-oh! must be ordered with the Organic Black variety of tea in order to get the special discount. These items are all in the grocery section, and you'll need to scroll down the Weil bars product page for both varieties in order to add the bar/tea combo to your cart.

Also, Dr. Weil's name is on several varieties of tea made by the Ito En company. These are also available in the Amazon grocery, and there's a special right now to receive 50% off the Amazon price for any one case of the brewed tea in cans. That's 30 cans for less than $20 after the discount code is applied (I've already forgotten the code, but it can be found on the "Sales and Specials" page of Amazon grocery.)

Both of these offers are good until the end of February. I ordered the Banana Manna/Lemon Myrtle combo and the Gyokuro brewed tea yesterday, and am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Be advised that while Amazon *will* allow their customers to purchase both bar/tea combos, it doesn't appear that one can take advantage of the 50% off offer on more than one flavor of brewed tea.

T said...


What's up with the peanut butter? Should I stop eating it?

Are you a fan of Dr. Weil's?


T said...

andy..just read marion nestle's what to eat blog re: peanut butter.