February 6, 2008

Say What?: (Purposefully) Smelly Shoes

After dominating the "juice" market (if your idea of juice is water, sugar, and artificial flavors), the folks at Kool Aid are setting their overly sweetened sights on... footwear?

February 1 marked the debut of Kool-Aid shoes. Thanks a lot, Reebok executives!

Not only do they come in impossibly neon bright colors -- they also "have the sweet and fruity scents of Kool-Aid built into the footwear," as Brandweek perfectly described it.


And this is but the mere beginning of the sucrose explosion, my friends.

There are "scent-infused" sockliners, hoodies, T-shirts, and hats hitting the market over the next few months.

Isn't this synthetically, sickeningly sweetness a form of air pollution?

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