February 18, 2008

You Ask, I Answer: Hexagonal Water

Have you heard of these devices that transform the shape of water molecules?

Supposedly if you change the shape, it hydrates you better, slows down aging, and can cure certain diseases.

-- Trevor Jaracz
(location withheld)

I have indeed heard of devices -- such as the Vitalizer Plus -- that proclaim to alter the structure of a water molecule into a hexagonal shape.

Some companies go as far as claiming that hexagonal water is "living water" with "beneficial enzymes" that are not found in tap or bottled water.

I have also heard the advertised benefits -- a healthier immune system, less inflammation, better gastrointestinal health, etc, etc.

The only positive thing I can muster to say about this is that whoever came up with this concept sure has an overly vidid imagination.

I'll spare everyone a tedious chemistry lesson and just say that the molecular structure of water is permanently fixed, and absolutely no biochemical changes can be made (by any person or machine) to turn it into a "healthier" or "better" beverage.

It doesn't need to be! No one is getting sick as a result of drinking conventional water.

For all intents and purposes, hexagonal water should be placed in the same category as unicorns, fairies, and gnomes.

I would be very happy if all companies selling hexagonal were heavily fined by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.


Paul Shin said...

Well done Andy!

Finally, someone using common sense and scientific literacy to help combat this pseudoscientific nonsense! I have been trying to deal with educating folks on what I consider unethical application of science to support such chicanery. Check out my personal/professional website for a more scientifically presented argument against "hexagonal" or "structured" water.


Becky said...

Another question about water. I read today that drinking cold water (defined as less than 72 degrees) can actually help you burn more calories because it requires your body to use more energy to bring it to body temperature once ingested. The article cited that one can lose from 5 to 10lbs a year. Any truth to this or is this just another myth for you to dispell?