February 1, 2008

You Ask, I Answer: Fit For Life/Body Cycles

A friend of mine just bought a book called Fit For Life, about healthy eating and weight loss.

She was telling me that the book talks about our bodies having three cycles.

For example, between the hours of 4 AM and noon, our bodies eliminate toxins, so the only things we should eat and drink for those eight hours are fruits and fruit juices.

Is that true?

-- Stephanie Davis

(location withheld)

I haven't read the book myself, but I don't see any reason to recommend that people only eat fruit up until noon.

Our bodies' metabolic processes operate all day long.

Our kidneys and livers are constantly eliminating toxins from our systems. They don't wait until noon to put up the "Back tomorrow morning" sign.

And, as healthy as fruits are, they don't make for a very complete breakfast.

They don't provide protein or healthy fats, for example, which help us achieve feelings of satiety.

Adding fruit to whole grains like oatmeal or even having it as a side dish to a healthy breakfast like avocado slices on whole/sprouted grain toast is a much better idea.

While having only fruit in the morning will certainly lower the typical caloric amount of most people's breakfasts, it does not ensure weight-loss success.

I could very much see someone eating only an apple and a banana for breakfast and being so ravenously hungry at lunch that they would binge-eat and consume too many calories.

I'd be interested in knowing what reasoning this book uses to defend such an absurd recommendation.

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