February 22, 2008

You "Ask", I Answer: You Bar

I was wondering if you've heard of You Bar, which is a company that lets you customize your own bar and only uses natural ingredients.

It sounds like a really cool idea.

-- Vincci Tsui

Via the blog

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Vincci!

I had never heard of You Bar until I read your message. Sounds right up my alley, too.

You can basically make your own Lara/Clif Nectar/Pure bar by combining a variety of (mostly nutritious) ingredients to your liking (from dates to optional whey protein powders to dried fruits to a variety of nuts and seeds which you can specifically ask to be roasted, raw, or organic!)

Sounds like a deliciously unique gift idea for a foodie or nutritious snacker in your family or group of friends.

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Sanam said...

Hi Andy,
I have a question about cooking foods in the microwave. Sometimes I take plain chicken tenders (boneless, skinless, etc) or plain ground turkey and nuke it till its cooked through. Every time however, there is white residue that is gunky and all around the protein I just cooked. What is it? Fat?
-samantha jark