February 15, 2008

In The News: Lower Your Cholesterol... and Brain Function?

Interesting tidbit over at Tara Parker-Pope's health blog on the New York Times website.

On February 13 she referred to a Wall Street Journal article about the effect of statins (cholesterol-lowing drugs, such as Lipitor) on brain function.

Turns out these medications cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby affecting the central nervous system.

There are even documented instances of people on statins testing positive for pre-Alzheimer's and then "miraculously recovering" once they stop consuming the drug.

This is one of the many reasons why I strongly advocate people resort to diet and physical activity first to lower their total -- AND LDL ("bad") -- cholesterol.

Not only are they effective methods; they also deliver other benefits (i.e.: nutrients) helpful with other conditions and disease risks.

Of course, the select group of people who genetically produce high cholesterol need to be on statins (diet plays a very little role in determining their lipid profile), but there's too many people who directly contribute to their hypercholesteremia by eating poorly.

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