January 31, 2008

Say What?: Pica, The New Hot Trend

Ugh. And so we have the first stupid trend of the year -- chewable ice!

Am I in a parallel universe? Hasn't ice ALWAYS been chewable? Or are they talking about long-lasting gum chewability? I digress.

Despite warnings from the American Dental Association that this practice (commonly known as a condition named 'pica') can have a detrimental effect on teeth (and the medical community linking compulsive ice chewing with iron deficiency), ice manufacturers are eager to get everyone munching on frozen water cubes.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "ice-machine makers are competing to make the best chewable ice, with names like Chewblet, Nugget Ice and Pearl Ice. One manufacturer calls the ice-loving South the "Chew Belt."

Was this supposed to be published in The Onion?

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