March 13, 2008

Celebrity Diet Secrets: You Say Bizarre, I Say Idiotic

Dishy British newspaper The Daily Mail recounts some of Hollywood's "bizarre diet secrets."

Stupid and dangerous is more like it.

From snorting crushed Adderall to eating nothing but two boiled eggs a day (since when is calorie deprivation or practical starvation a "secret"?) to checking into hospitals for IV hydration (any doctor or nurse agreeing to this should have their license revoked immediately) to subsiding on nothing but Diet Coke and cigarettes, Hollywood's biggest female names go to extremes to live up to insane body image standards -- mostly dictated by pasty overweight men, of course.

Luckily, celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson serves as the article's voice of reason, rightfully describing these "tricks" as risky, insipid, and illogical.

Consider it a "How NOT to lose weight" reference guide.

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