March 29, 2008

In The News: The Health Police

Newly elected Chicago Police Department superintendent Jody P. Weis literally wants the force to shape up!

"Mr. Weis, an exercise enthusiast, has shocked more than a few people with talk of mandatory fitness tests and maximum body-fat allowances (only after a year’s physical education and with exceptions, of course)."

There is even talk of installing kitchens in station houses, so as to lower officers' reliance on doughnuts, pizza, hot dogs, and fries.

I think that without proper nutrition education, though, installing a kitchen is virtually useless.

An officer may not frequent fast food restaurants, but could very well still eat just as poorly (think Hungry Man frozen dinners, frozen pizzas, and Ramen noodles).

I support Mr. Weis' intentions, but focusing solely on exercise -- and apparently leaving nutrition out of the equation -- leaves a vital piece out of this puzzle.

My advice? Add on a few free of charge mandatory nutrition 101 sessions for the squad.

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