March 4, 2008

Numbers Game: Answer

An individual (advertised for one person) four cheese pizza from Uno Chicago Grill (formerly known as Pizzeria Uno) provides 1,920 calories, 39 grams of saturated fat, and 2,760 milligrams of sodium

(NOTE: Saturated fat consumption should not exceed 20 grams per day, and the maximum daily sodium limit is set at 2,400 milligrams)

Maybe they should change their slogan to, "Why eat three meals when you can get a day's worth of calories in one sitting?"

And don't think "just having an appetizer" is the solution.

The pizza skins appetizer packs in 2,400 calories, 50 grams of saturated fat, and 3,600 milligrams of sodium.

Even if split with someone else it's an absolute belt-buster.

Uno Grill does earn some brownie points for offering more sensible items, including a grilled mahi mahi with mango salsa entree that adds up to 220 calories and 400 milligrams of sodium.

Team it up with roasted or steamed veggies -- or brown rice cranberry pilaf -- for a fast-food meal your heart will be thankful for.

Whatever you do, watch out for the skinless baked potato side dish!

The cheddar, bacon, and sour cream piled on top turn a nutrition champ into a 480-calorie monster that delivers half a day's worth of saturated fat and sodium.

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