March 17, 2008

In The News: Small Kids, Big Problem is disseminating the findings of a study published in this month's Journal of Pediatrics that comes to a sobering conclusion -- "there are not enough specialists to treat even a fraction of the diabetic and obese children in the United States."

The statistics behind this are just as tragic.

According to current estimates, roughly 9 million children in the United States are clinically obese, consequently greatly increasing their risks of developing Type-2 diabetes (formerly known as 'adult onset diabetes') and accelerating the development of Type-1.

"The study found that there's only one pediatric endocrinologist for every 290 diabetic children in the United States, and the ratio of obese children to pediatric diabetes specialists is 17,000 to one."

So how do we begin treating this problem? More endocrinologists? More preventive care? Better screening? More (efficient) nutrition education?

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