April 2, 2008

Big Patty, Big Problems

The folks at Burger King never stop thinking of new products.

Two new steak burgers are being unveiled this month.

"The Steakhouse Burger features a flame-broiled steak burger topped with two slices of melted American cheese, A.1.(R) Thick & Hearty steak sauce, crispy onions, red ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise on a premium bakery bun," reads the fast food chain's press release.

Looking for even more from your burger?

Never fear -- the Loaded Steakhouse Burger is here ("crispy bacon and a loaded baked potato topping replace the tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise.")

Global marketing, strategy, and innovation president Russ Klein gushes, "The patty is so big, it peeks out from under the bun. We are proud of our ability to provide premium, quality products to our guests at affordable prices."

This is no belated April Fool's joke.

What's particularly not funny is the nutritional breakdown of these burgers:

950 calories (970 for the loaded burger)
21 grams saturated fat (22 for the loaded burger; daily intake should not surpass 20 grams)
2 grams trans fat (an entire day's worth!)
1,950 milligrams of sodium (2,190 for the loaded burger; daily intake should not surpass 2,400 milligams)

Before you say, "so what? It's Burger King! It's not supposed to be healthy," keep in mind that a single Steakhouse Burger is calorically equal to two of the chain's double cheeseburgers.

I'm all for innovation, but why not come out with a new 450 calorie burger?

It's certainly possible.

After all, seven other flame-broiled burgers contain less calories and sodium than this new colossal artery bomb.

In fact, only one burger contains more calories -- the Quad Stack (a four beef patty affair).

Are we heading towards the age of nothing but 4-digit calorie burgers?

(NOTE: Accompanying photograph, from
The Impulsive Buy blog, is actual steakhouse burger.)

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Anonymous said...

UGH! I received in my mailbox yesterday the coupon flyer featuring "photos" of the Steakhouse burgers. Of course, they were photo-chopped to lood edible. Your photo of the burger is more realistic and more disgusting... perhaps showing how much more disgusting your arteries will bee if you consume too many of these atrocities. Run away! Run away! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!