April 23, 2008

You Ask, I Answer (On YouTube!): Healthy Eating Outside The Home

How do I start onto the path of eating and living more heathfully? Hopefully, there are others who, like myself, know what they "should" be doing, but don't know where to begin or what to pay attention to the "most."

For example (speaking only for myself here), here is a glimpse of all the food-related thoughts running through my mind daily:

"Watch your calories, fat, salt, refined sugar, and flour intake.... no fast food/chips/soda/Starbucks mocha whip lattes (sob!).... pay attention to the glycemic index/volumetrics/South Beach/Weight Watcher/Zone Plan... eat your largest meal early and your lightest meal later... get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables (ha!), fiber, and protein... don't forget to take your vitamin/calcium suppleent... and put down that ice cream/cookies/cake!!"

I currently work full-time and go to grad school part-time, so 3 days out of the week I leave my apartment at 8:30 am and don't get home until after 11:00 pm.

I work either Saturday or Sunday each week to make up my school hours.

My eating schedule is seriously out of whack -- many times I've eaten cold pizza at midnight.

I struggle with the "healthful vs. convenienc" battle every day.

And as for cooking? I use my oven as storage space for pots and pans that never get used -- I just don't have the time.

Any advice?

-- Amie Lemire
(Location Unknown)

Great question, Amie.

People tend to overcomplicate nutrition. If you focus on the basics, though, the rest of your concerns will fall into place.

Rather than write out a lengthy response, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to debut Small Bites on YouTube!

You can view my answer below. Be sure to bookmark the Small Bites channel on YouTube, too!

Readers: I would like to post a YouTube clip every 7 to 10 days.

Let me know what you would like to see on the channel. Product reviews? Questions and answers? Fad diet critiques? Let your voices be heard!


Anonymous said...

hey i love your youtube series and blog in general. please keep gooing! youuve helped me form better choices and give me insight into eating better. i love how you also label each post specifically w/ whatever iinfo it has which makes it easier for me to look things up. thanks a ton!

everythingvegetarian said...

I like it. Sometimes, it takes hearing something rather than reading it to make it sink in.