April 6, 2008

The Case Against Low Carb

Ever since I posted about low-carb fanatic and journalist Gary Taubes' talk at New York University, I have been receiving many e-mails and comments from low-carb advocates apparently eager to prove that there is no solid research demonstrating that all calories are created equal.

I direct you to Atkins Exposed -- a website started by Dr. Michael Greger, a semi-controversial player in the field of nutrition.

There are some positions Dr. Greger takes that I do not entirely agree with, but his website does have a rather interesting section that compiles several statements and studies that do not consider low carb diets to be the best thing since, pardon the pun, sliced bread.

I also want to remind you of Michael Fumento's excellent 2003 Reason article.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Taubes wrote a response to Fumento's original Reason article (and Fumento then counter-responded).

The Gregor material is somewhat dated, given that Taubes has significantly altered his views since his original New York Times Magazine article was published in 2002. I don't think Gregor has updated his material in quite some time.