November 14, 2008

The Dirty Details

The latest issue of Details magazine features a short health piece titled "How Hard Can You Play", in which readers are informed of just how much of a good time they can potentially have with popular vices before guaranteeing themselves a nasty hangover.

Included in this piece is the following question:

"How do you bounce back from a hard night out?"

Here is the first part of the answer:

"Heather Sachs Blattman, a dietitian in New York, suggests combating the dehydration and impaired metabolism... by eating a meal rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants.... and drinking lots of fluids, preferably with electrolytes. 'Vitamin Water's Revive is great to get you back in balance,' she says."

Eyeroll, please! Of course she does.

What I happen to know -- that Details does not tell you -- is that Ms. Sachs Blattman is the in-house dietitian for Glacéau, the company that just happens to make Vitamin Water.

My my, what a coincidence!

Advertisements -- and shameless plugs -- are truly everywhere.

And, no, you don't need Vitamin Water to bounce back from a "hard night out."

Water will do the trick just fine. While you're at it, munch on a medium banana to get plenty of potassium (one of the main electrolytes in sports drinks.)

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Catherine said...

Love how they try to sneak product plugs in there... I am a huge fan of the banana + water combo for hangovers!