November 6, 2008

You Ask, I Answer: Gary Null

What are your thoughts on Gary Null?

My cousin thinks he is the absolute best source of nutrition information, but a lot of what he says (like cleansing the body through coffee enemas) sounds misinformed to me.

-- (Name withheld)
New York, NY

Suggesting coffee enemas to "detox" is indeed misinformed.

First, direct your cousin to this wonderful summary of Mr. Null from

Second, enroll him/her into a nutrition 101 course at a reputable institution so he/she can get a glimpse of what nutrition is really about.

It's amazing -- and downright infuriating -- how many people lacking proper credentials can make a fortune in the nutrition field by making irresponsible and absolutely baseless claims, saturating the airwaves with shoddy infomercials, and shamelessly duping the public with nonsensical products and publications.

The fact that Mr. Null hawks everything from books to DVDs to anti-aging wrinkle creams to "green foods powders" to his own juicer should raise a red flag (as should his claim that HIV doesn't cause AIDS.)

Two thumbs down in my book. If I had ten thumbs, I would give him ten thumbs down in a heartbeat.

Having the letters "PhD" after your name is completely meaningless to me if you can't back it up with basic scientific knowledge.

Some people comically -- and feebly -- try to defend his work by saying, "if he wasn't credible, then why does he sell so many books?"

Popularity does not indicate substance or respectability. It simply means you are good at marketing your product.

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Lee Phillips said...

Indeed, Gary Null is a real nutjob. His Ph.D. happens to be bogus. He has tried to silence his critics, including me, by threatening them with lawsuits. He not only denies that AIDS is caused by a virus, but preaches that vaccines cause autism. Why people continue to listen to him and take his advice despite his obvious nuttiness is a mystery. Why public radio and TV stations continue to give him a platform is, alas, less of a mystery: he brings in the big bucks during pledge drives.