November 28, 2008

You Ask, I Answer: Cocoa Butter

I recently went vegan.

The other day I was reading chocolate bars' ingredient labels and didn't know if cocoa butter was an animal by-product or not.
Can you help?

-- Laura Brenty
Chicago, IL


Cocoa butter is 100 percent vegan -- it is a purely vegetable-based fat naturally found in cocoa beans.

Vegan chocolate is very easy to come by -- a lot of the big drugstores, like Walgreen's, carry it!

To make sure it is completely dairy-free, be on the lookout for milk solids and/or whey-based ingredients.

By the way, one of my favorite brands of vegan chocolate -- actually, one of my favorite brands of ALL chocolate -- is Endangered Species (pictured alongside this post.)

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Anonymous said...

FYI - Endangered Species Chocolate is having a Cyber Monday sale at 50% off of all-natural chocolate bars and 20% off of all other chocolate and select gift sets. It's a great time to stock up, but the sales ends at midnight on Monday!