November 14, 2008

You Ask, I Answer: Alfalfa Sprouts

Are alfalfa sprouts full of nutrients?

I was leafing through a book about juicing yesterday and the author claimed alfalfa sprouts offer more nutrients than oranges, spinach, and blueberries.


-- Morgan (last name withheld)

Boston, MA

Absolutely false.

Although alfalfa sprouts contain an ample variety of nutrients, they exist in minimal -- practically non-existent -- amounts (a half cup contains roughly one to two percent of the daily value of most vitamins and minerals.)

They aren't even a good source of fiber!

The nutrient these sprouts offer the most of is Vitamin K -- and that's at a decent, but by no means amazing, 13 percent per half cup serving.

A lot of alkaline enthusiasts hail alfalfa sprouts almost as the fountain of youth, although I have no clue what that opinion could possibly be based on.

Alfalfa sprouts, much like a straight "C" student, don't stand out as particularly great or horrible. They just.... are.

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