November 17, 2008

In The News: Eat Food, Not Vitamins

I fear how some members of the mainstream media will report on the latest finding from the Physicians Health Study that "Vitamin C or E pills do not help prevent cancer in men."

I certainly hope I don't come across any "why oranges may not be as healthy as you might think," teasers on any news shows.

I am actually quite glad these well-publicized studies are arriving at these firm conclusions.

They make it absolutely clear that simply isolating nutrients in pill form and downing them with a glass of water every morning has very little to do with disease risk reduction.

In fact, this is precisely why dietitians have been recommending the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains for decades.

It is not just one vitamin or mineral that helps lower disease risk.

Rather, it is the interaction and interplay between vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, and other compounds in food that provide health benefits. An orange is much more than vitamin C in a refreshing package.

Don't expect the multivitamin companies to let you in on that tidbit anytime soon.

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Lizzy Foulkes said...

I was pretty much just nodding my head in approval and appreciation the whole time I was reading this post.

When I was younger, less educated and more passionate I made a cheap little art project on the topic and am still a bit fond of it. Check it out: Drugs Grow On Trees.

This blog has become one of my RSS staples. Thanks for all the interesting posts!