January 1, 2009

In The News: Boston's Progress Report

Boston's trans fat ban went into effect on September 13, 2008, mandating that "restaurants must eliminate [the artificial fat from] margarine, frying oil, and packaged ingredients such as muffin mixes."

Stage two of the ban -- which will set those same standards for doughnut and cake mixes -- launches March 12.

The Boston Globe reports that stage one has worked out almost perfectly, with "more than 99 percent of [the 1,625] restaurants visited by city inspectors [having] eliminated the artery-clogging ingredient from French fries, chicken fingers, and other dishes."

Even better, the increasing amount of trans fat bans across the United States has led to a higher demand for trans fat-free oils and products, thereby decreasing the cost of these once "premium" items.

With restaurants not taking a financial hit and consumers' tastebuds not detecting any difference in trans fat-free items, I foresee more city -- and state -- wide bans in 2009.

In fact, state Representative Peter J. Koutoujian is already pushing to have trans fats banned throughout Massachusetts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy...I love this blog and read it daily. It is so easy to use, cuts through all the bs, and is smart.

I am wondering if you have read The China Study and what your thoughts are about it? It is basically eating a vegan diet as a way to prevent cancer (most of the book goes through research indicating animal protein and casein as being connected with cancer).

Again, wondering what your thoughts are.

Also...I see the 4 day diet guy you interviewed...I am guessing you would support his model?

Thanks in advance. Dennise