January 1, 2009

Numbers Game: Cause and Effect

It is estimated that ______ to ______ percent of all cancers are directly linked to diet and exercise (mainly as a result of not eating enough health-promoting foods and not performing sufficient amounts of physical activity).

Source: American Institute for Cancer Research

a) 15 - 25
b) 30 - 40
c) 40 - 50
d) 10 - 20

Leave your guess in the "comments" section and come back on Monday for the answer!


MizFit said...

c? Ill say c (and be horribly embarrassed should I be wrong :))

Kristin said...

I hope that it's c, because that means it's relatively easy to prevent a large percentage of cancer with good diet and exercise. One less reason to make excuses.

Lizzy said...

I guess C as well, just because I'd always understood it was even more than that.

T said...

I want the answer to be C because to me then there is so much cancer that is preventable; however, I must say, that if this were an exam, I would probably choose B, figuring that it is the "safer" answer and maybe there are not enough studies to really confirm the higher percentage.

Lori said...

30 to 40 %