January 10, 2009

In The News: Sugar Stats

Yesterday's Washington Post reports on a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which found that "people are now drinking almost 50 additional calories of sugar-sweetened beverages [including soda, sports drinks, and sweetened teas] daily compared to two decades ago, for an average of about 300 calories daily coming from such drinks."

Reporter Serena Gordon hits the nail on the head when she states that "even if you have the exact same diet as you did 20 years ago and your activity level hasn't changed, those seemingly harmless 50 extra daily calories could... tack on an additional five pounds every year."

Although the study authors mention the undeniable link with the supersizing of beverages, they don't discuss my second concern -- the growing market of "healthy" sugar-sweetened beverages.

Tack on a few vitamins, mix in a little acai juice concentrate, or add a pinch of ginseng to a drink containing just as much sugar as a can of Coke and, somehow, someone who wouldn't normally drink soda takes a strong interest.

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